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Fire Detection and Automatic Extinguishing System

Fire Detection and Automatic Extinguishing System

Each year people die or seriously injured as a result of fires in buildings, yet many fires can be avoided by taking fire protections. If a fire does break out, the effects can be minimized by having effective controls and procedures in place.

At Jegcy Systems Company through intensive and continuous research, we realize that customized detection is the key to successful fire detection and protection. Our cost-effective solutions range from frontline detection to integrated control / management and automatic fire extinguishing system.

Our Solutions Include:

  • Conventional and Addressable Fire Detection and Alarm Sytems
  • Fire Sprinkler Systems / Hydrant lines
  • Fixed Extinguishing System (with extinguishing agents such as FM200, CO2, etc)

With the number of our factory-trained engineers, Jegcy Systems Company has established a proven track record in configuring, installing and maintaining Fire detection and Automatic Extinguishing System.