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HSE-MS Plans


Policies and Strategic Objectives

Jegcy Systems Company policies are based on business principles and HSE guidelines.  It forms the basis upon which the organisation sets its objectives and targets.  The HSE policies were formulated from classification of risks associated with MGCL activities as well as the identified significant operation aspects.

Strategic objectives of the organisation are goals derived from the company vision and the HSE policies and serve as media for measuring level of HSE-MS performance.  Targets are milestones to achieving the strategic objectives.

Health, Safety and Environment Policy

MGCL will at all times provide quality services by taking every reasonable measure to protect the health, safety and environment of all employees, clients, sub-contractors, and host community within the limits of international quality standards.
The policy ensures that:

  • client satisfaction is guaranteed at all times;
  • health and safety of all employees, clients, other personnel and host communities are secured from the impact of Jegcy Systems Company activities before and after job execution;
  • compliance of sub-contractors to Jegcy Systems Company HSE policy; and
  • reduction of Jegcy Systems Company activities’ impact on the environment within its operational area.

Drug and Alcohol Policy

Jegcy Systems Company is committed to an alcohol and drug free environment. Either for employees, agents or sub-contractors in recognition of the fact that abuse of these or any other substance including weapons will affect adversely the overall HSE performance of the company.

The policy excludes:

  • abuse of prescribed drugs, illicit acquisition of un-prescribed drugs, consumption of alcohol; and smoking within Jegcy Systems Company premises.
  • personnel working under the influence of ability impairing drugs.

Security Policy

Jegcy Systems Company ensures at all times the safety of its employee, assets and stakeholders associated with its operations.

This implies that

  • security of life and property is upheld at all times in all business operations
  • risk/hazard of all security issues are identified and controlled.
  • security conscious workforce is established and maintained at all times

Driving Policy

It is the policy of Jegcy Systems Company that only persons who have undergone and passed appropriate test and are competent are allowed to drive in compliance with the under-listed guidelines.

  • staff and other occupants of vehicle wear seatbelts
  • staff must observe all road signs and speed limits
  • staff shall ensure that all vehicle particulars, relevant car tools and accessories are accurate and intact before embarking on any trip.
  • staff are not allowed to commence trips after 5:00pm and night driving is totally prohibited.

Environmental Policy

Jegcy Systems Company is dedicated to:

  • complying with applicable environmental legislation
  • continuous improvement of its environmental performance
  • reducing waste generation
  • review of environmental objectives and targets
  • increasing awareness of staff, contractors and clients to policy

Community Affairs

Jegcy Systems Company maintains a good relationship with the host community and is sensitive to the needs of the host communities.  Jegcy Systems Company will give the highest priority to health, safety and security of the host communities and members of public Jegcy Systems Company will continually access environmental impact and reduce it to a level as low as reasonable practicable. In addition Jegcy Systems Company is committed to the development of host communities and the general public.

Legal and Other Requirements

Jegcy Systems Company render services to its client in full compliance with applicable Nigerian and international legislation relating to health, safety and environment.  The company is accredited by the following regulatory bodies:

  • Federal Ministry of Environment (on-going);
  • Department of Petroleum Resources (DPR);
  • Rivers State Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources (RSMENR); and
  • National Petroleum Investment Management Services (NAPIMS).

Strategic Objectives and Targets, Key Objectives of the HSE Policies 

The objectives of the HSE policies are to:

  • manage HSE risks related to laboratory and environmental consultancy;
  • ensure safety of staff, contractors, clients and other stakeholders;
  • promote and sustain best work practices;
  • guarantee customer satisfaction and general public assurance;
  • promote staff, contractors and clients commitment to HSE;
  • commit Jegcy Systems Company environmental protection; and
  • enhance regulatory compliance/continual improvement.

Key HSE Strategies 

MGCL strategies for achieving its HSE objectives are to:

  • identify hazards and assess level of risks associated with all operations and implement applicable control measures as contained in company HSE-MS document;
  • implement corrective and preventive actions of audit/incident/accident reports;
  • recruit competent staff for vacant positions;
  • train employees on QHSE issues and make its policies available to the public;
  • retain a clinic for staff medical need;
  • certify company operations to ISO 9001:2000 Quality Management System;and
  • apply Hazards and Effect Management Process (HEMP) on all major projects

Key HSE Targets

  • No record of fatality within office and work site
  • Zero road transport accident
  • Adequate HSE training for all staff
  • No fire outbreaks

Implementation and Dissemination of Policies and Objectives

HSE policies and objectives are disseminated to all staff and contractors by the following means:

  • display of copies of policies on notice boards;
  • participation of staff in HSE workshops and seminars organized by clients and other external bodies;
  • in-house biweekly technical presentations on company policies and objectives;
  • induction programme for new recruit and visitors;
  • assign clear HSE responsibilities for specific activities to all staff; and
  • internal audits.